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Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal bring an authentic soul, funk and R&B sound with a contemporary groove that is best experienced through their high-energy live performance. Hoyer’s honest lyrics, his soulful (sometimes in-your-face) vocals and a top-notch band, including a blazing horn section, definitely make this group worth a listen.

“Living By The Minute… is a powerful soul statement, combining the sheer power of Otis Redding, the funk of James Brown and the social immediacy of Puzzle People-era Temptations. Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal don’t serve up neo-soul, hip-hop soul or some other updated notion of soul music. This is the straight-up undiluted stuff.” – Victor S. Aaron,

In January 2015, JHASC released their sophomore album, ‘Living By The Minute’, on Silver Street Records. Recorded live at ARC in Omaha in the fall of 2014, the band’s second record was met with even more excitement and anticipation than the first. Whether it is the gentle sway of “Living By The Minute,” or the hard-hitting “Blood and Bone,” even a newcomer to the JHASC scene will easily find their way into a deep groove.

“Joshua Hoyer is one of the Lincoln-Omaha scene’s finest songwriters. His new project gives equal weight to his great songs, his rich, soulful, distinctive vocals and his ability to put together funky, driving and passionate collaborations with his fellow musicians. This band’s sound soars and fills up the dance floor with funky joy.” – B.J. Huchtemann, Senior Contributing Writer, The Reader, Omaha, NE

Hoyer’s goal each night is to get everyone dancing until they have nothing left and maybe, just for an evening, forget about their troubles. “Every night I say, ‘Here’s my heart. Take it. If you don’t want it, that fine, but I’m giving it to you – all of it.’ We’re a big sweaty mess by the end of the show.” One can easily expect that kind of energy every night, and it is why fans come back again and again.






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